JESUS the master of soul healing
JJesus the master of soul healing is comprised of three elements :  church ministry, on-line ministry and laying on of hands and praying for people ministry. THE  church ministry: KATHERINE LEONARD  has been preaching in churches for over 30 years, both locally and around the country. With her extraordinary ability to bring souls to CHRIST, her ministry is well-sought-after. JESUS the master of soul healing, scheduled to debut on MARCH the 9th 2016, KATHERINE LEONARD is delighted to come to your place of worship as a guest speaker for church anniversaries, pastor anniversaries and usher recognition service, etc. THE on-line ministry : ALVIN LEONARD, erstwhile general manager of gospel radio station 1590 WJRO IN GLEN BURNIE,MD., has worked with both small and large churches providing nominal air-time rates to all. NOW ,  he  is ready to launch that  gospel am   radio standard to another medium: internet radio!  HE  and  his wife KATHY  have bonded  their respective , extraordinary GOD-GIVEN gifts into an exciting synergy called JESUS the master of soul healing.